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Thursday, 20 July 2017

The valley is slowly taking shape. (Daederhoff)

         I had an absolute ball designing and building the Schonewald forces and to be honest couldn't wait to start on another. I stared at my shiney new map of the valley for a while and decided to plant a small state on the southern bank of the Zondersee squashed between the two "super powers" set on the delta of the Tiefenwasser river. Daederhoff was formerly an electorate of the principality and it's ruler is still known as the elector of Daederhoff. The current Elector is a young liberalising ruler with extensive military experience. 

              The electorate has a thriving marshland economy supplying thatch and eels to the rest of the valley and a reasonable agricultural output from the rich soil of the delta periphery. It consists of one major town and several smaller townships and villages. The economy and population is strong enough to support a force of some 2,500 troops formed into two infantry battalions, one horse regiment and an artillery company. They are renowned for their toughness bred from a hard life on the waterways of the delta and their merchant captains are some of the best smugglers in the valley.

             Before starting work I decided that they would wear yellow uniforms because I have always wanted to paint uniforms of that colour  heheheh. Having decided on all that it was time for the flags..
A bit of searching on google produced a nice outer design and another gave me the central eagle in a shield.. Job done.. background colours on the design to be the facing colours..
From top to bottom , left to right
                  State Flag, First battalion of foot, second battalion of foot and the rgt of horse. 

                  I picked troops from a 70 year period with packs from Pendraken covering the WSS range to the American war of independance. The AWI range has some superbly animated figures that I have used as officers, drummers and standards.  Time to paint..  I produced some test bases and love the colours.. Watch this space.

Monday, 10 July 2017

A corp of What?... seriously?

                            In my attempts to model as much of the forces involved in the 1809 Franco Austrian war I decided to build The Austrian reserve landwehr corps. Not something you often see deployed in wargames.  It was this force I was building when my last bout of CBA kicked in (can't Be Arsed). I found them a couple of nights ago and realised that all that was needed was some basing so having finished the Schonwald troops I decided to do just that and add them to the collection. I have deliberately made uniforms and styles as diverse as possible and I think they have turned out ok.

 Once more all the figures are from commision figurines

I'm not sure when these will get an outing as Blucher is on hold for a while. My regular opponent having gone to England to work.

Schonwald the final chapter.

                     As promised I have completed the balance of the Schonwald forces. I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed it and really like the final combined forces. They wear basically white but with lots of colour variation.. The forces from Niehrfeld and Klienstadt are distinguishable only by the hat lace of on the horse and centre companies and the plates on the grenadier caps. Both use mid blue for facing colours


Supplies one grenadier company from 1st battalion, 2x centre companies from 4th battalion and one horse squadron from 2nd horse.


Supplies one grenadier company from 1st battalion, 2x centre companies from 4th battalion and one horse squadron from 2nd horse.


                   They have the same basic white uniforms and use a dark almost navy blue for facing colours. 

                                                   Infantry General Klaus Von Belchinger

Supplies the entire 3rd infantry battalion, 2 squadrons of the 2nd horse and an artillery contingent.

All these units along with the troops from Lubliche form the archbishoprics army as shown below.

                   As I stated earlier I have enjoyed hugely planning both the state and it's troops. Can't wait to start on the next one and plans for a frigate to act as a capital ship in the Zondersee. It will be the largest class of vessel able to navigate in these waters. It's so good to have a plan again.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

God's chosen city... Schonewald-Lubliche

         The die was cast. Schonewald was now a firmly founded state in the Klagenfurt Valley. Over the centuries the archbishops (backed by many religious relics including the famed pickled foreskin of Walther the misguided)   claimed the cathedral built in Lubliche made it the chosen city of god. This was in fact one of the prime reasons for the religious wars spreading to the old principality. As an aside Walther was given his name after converting to Judaism and after a visitation from god reconverting to the Christian faith. He was said to carry the relic with him everywhere as a reminder of his deviation from the true church and after his death and sainthood it was said to have miraculous powers.   

        Returning to the states military forces, Lubliche was the largest contributor as a result of both it's importance and financial status. It's contribution consisted of
1 x general of cavalry
2 x Guard inf companies
1 x Fuss grenadier companies
3 x centre companies
1 x Guard Cuirassiers squadrons
2 x squadrons of horse
1 x grenadier a cheval squadron
1 x honourable artillery company

           I am immensely satisfied that i have managed despite a summer of biblical or more precisely hellish temperatures managed to collect, convert and paint the Lubliche contingent of the archbishoprics army. What follows is a pictorial review . Hope you enjoy them as much as I have during their preparation.

         The post of archbishop is owned by hereditary right by the family von Hertz who for centuries had been a driving force in the valley. A family of prolific breeders, the role of archbishop is held by the eldest son while the second son is the head of the armed forces. Unfortunately the current archbishop Magnus sees himself more in the role of Julius Caeser rather than John the baptist and as such always commands the army in the field.  The facing colours are the same for all the towns troops irrespective of role. The Lubliche colour being purple

A suitable archbishop figure proved elusive as I didn't want a figure in full regalia. I chose a semi clerical garb with a large round hat which was obtained by the use of green stuff and a slither of paper. He is kind of grand in his purple greatcoat and red hat isn't he?

The single figure is the personality Johann Kepperwitze  a renowned leader of cavalry who served in many of the armies of the great powers and earned a reputation if not of strategic genius then a man of  uncontrolled valour. 

The lubliche guard grenadiers part of the first battalion of infantry which carry the standard of Klienstadt. Initial organisation called for the lublichers to carry the state flag but as a result of an administrative error they were allocated the Klienstadt flag while the klienstadt companies carry the state flag (ie I stuck the flags on the wrong companies ). These are figures from old glory.

The second battalion Schonewald infantry manned entirely by units from Lubliche. These are mainly Pendraken with some old glory conversions. These carry the Lubliche standard and a state flag.

The guard cuirassiers. A somewhat outdated look belies the elite nature of this squadron.

Pendraken Austrian malburians here.

Horse grenadier squadron.

two squadrons of horse these along with the two previous units form the first Schonewald horse rgt.

The second Schonewald Foot rgt. these are manned entirely from Lubliche troops and consists of the grenadier company and remaining 3 centre companies.

The honorable Lubliche company of artillery.

Finally I took a shot of the collected force from Lubliche

                  I have already started on the other three contingents and hopefully I will in a short while post the force in it's entirety. I can't stress enough how satisfying imagin-eering is proving to be and is inspiring me to return to writing hobby based short stories once again to support my gaming.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

For god and Schonewald

              It seems the Bishopric of Schonewald is taking me more time to put together than I expected. At face value it should be simple but I want the states to have a raison d'etre. Even imagination must be built on some sort of "reality".

              I think I have the economy and standing of the bishopric sorted in my head now so I needed a few things on paper to get started. The state is wealthy and would have an armed force consisting of an amalgam of each towns contribution. They would have a combined guard and grenadier battalion, three line battalions , two horse regiments and two artillery companies. Each towns contribution would be as follows.

Lubliche:-    2x guard companies, 1x grenadier company, 3x centre companies, 1x horse grenadier squadron, 1x cuirassier squadron 2x horse squadrons and 1x artillery company.

Klienstadt:- 1x grenadier company, 2x centre companies, 1x horse squadron.

Niehrfeld:- 2x centre companies, 1x grenadier company, 1x horse squadron

Schlemenfurt:- 1x grenadier company, 3x centre companies, 2x horse squadrons, 1x artillery company.

            Having got all that straight in my head I realised I hadn't fixed on perhaps the most important factor of all. Yes the flags. I played around for hours and decided on a state flag to be carried by each battalion or horse regiment plus a city or town standard to be carried by one of the battalions.  The national flag would be the bishops personal standard. I wanted big and gaudy but without religious symbols. I got gaudy but did build stars into  the design.

The state flag. I really like the colours and the star would be a constant image on the individual flags 

The first battalion would carry the colours of the smallest of the four towns, Klienstadt. The original plan was for the klienstadt grenadiers to carry the town flag while the state flag would be allocated to the Niehrfeld grenadiers . Unfortunately the QMG who was also the brother in law of the commander of the Lubliche guard infantry allocated the town flag to the guards leaving the Klienstadt grenadiers with no standard at all . This "error" has been a source of much bad feeling within the battalion and the inns and taverns of the town often ring with the clash of bayonets.

The second battalion consists of the Lubliche grenadier company and the three centre companies. They of course carry the city standard and a state flag.

 The third from Schlemenfurt  consists of the towns grenadier and centre companies. Their standard is the rearing dragon  of Schlemenfurt.


The final battalion formed from the  two Klienstadt centre companies combined with those of Niehrfeld. Since the Klienstadt colours were carried by the first battalion . the fourth battalion was allocated the prancing horse of Niehrfeld. 

               So the infantry are be-flagged and organised and it is time to start painting. The first battalion is complete and the second battalion undergoing basing so hopefully my next post will contain pictures at last.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The return.... kicking and screaming...

                I see it has been a good while since my last post and the reason is because I hit a "stale" patch. The Napoleonic project outgrew it's original aims, the imaginations lacked a real direction and raison d'etre and finally I was very low as a result of my inability to see well to paint (probably the biggest reason).

                In recent weeks I have had time to think about my imaginary states, to draw a clear map in my head of the geography and  finally to examine the politics of the states.  First I made a major directional change in the location of my miniworld. Formerly I envisioned the duchies as somewhere in Europe interacting with the major european nations in some way. It didn't really work for me. i wanted to mix land battles, naval battles and some colonial sidelines and in the setting I had begun with , it wasn't really practical. So the decision was made I would use a framework similar to European history and some major nations in a fictitious continent but still recognisable in many ways . Hence the existence in the larger world of Albion, Deutcher, Frankamund and Osterlandt. They wouldn't interfere directly in the my imaginary valley but would subject it to pressures it couldn't ignore.

             Having built an outline for the gameworld it needed some fleshing out. this is where I currently am.


Klagenfurt is a large glacial valley centred on the Zondersee with access via the Zoinder river in the east to the sea. It is bordered by  mountains to the west, forested uplands to the north and the Grosserwald forests to the south. The Zondersee is the largest inland expanse of water on the continent and an important trade highway, while the Zoinder river is capable of taking very large vessels including small warships. .
           The region was once a powerful principality but the religious wars of the 1630’a tore it apart and it now consists of a number of medium size duchies, archbishoprics and city states. The animosity of the wars is still palpable and warfare breaks out frequently particularly between the Duchy of Biehlberg and the Duchy of Gromberg.    

Biehlberg (protestant duchy)

                       The Duchy was carved out during the wars by Bertha the duchess of Biehlberg despite her somewhat ineffectual husband.. Flags carry the image of her and her son. It has a growing army and a strong, small but growing freshwater navy and controls the outlet to the Zoinder river and the eventual outlet to the sea
Gromstadt (catholic duchy)

A financially rich highland duchy. The duke managed to hold it together during the wars of religion in which they lost some lands to the new duchy of Biehlberg disputes about which have kept the two duchies in conflict for the last hundred years. It contains an abundance of fine timber producing forests and mineral rich highlands. Roughly equal in size militarily to Biehlberg  with a large merchant navy dealing in metal and timber.
Schonewald (bishopric)

A small collection of towns seperated into 4 territories within the boundaries of the larger Duchies. Nominally ruled by the archbishop of Schonewald-Lubliche the state is basically secular with strong liberal views.  The 4 territories controlled are Schonewald-Lubliche, Schonewald-Klienstadt,Schonewald-Niehrfeld and Schonewald-Schlemenfurt. Although separated by other states the four towns have hung onto their independence and own fairly wealthy chunks of rich forests and prime agricultural land while the four major towns are investing in heavier industry. The sate has a small army of 4 battalions of infantry and 2 of cavalry with a small artillery contingent. With each area contributing to the force. (gives me a reason for mixing colours and troop types within units)


          That is about where I have reached so far in firm plans and indeed I already have some of the Schonewald forces on the paint table now but more of this later. Safe to say I am back, healthy and reasonably enthusiastic..